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Kids Jumping On a Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Children’s Beds

Children’s Beds are the same size as Adult Beds.

If you’re a new parent then it may come as a surprise that Children’s Beds are actually the same size as Adult Beds! You may think that they should be smaller because children are smaller but a child’s single bed is usually the same size as an adult’s single bed – children need a lot of room… room to grow, room for teddies and room to jump up and down 🙂 Plus bedding is easier to buy as it’s all the same size.

Children’s Beds need to be tough.

Children just love to play and have fun and what’s more fun than jumping up and down on your bed? Grown up’s have forgotten the joy of bed bouncing (well most of us have) but to a child it’s brilliant! So a child’s bed needs to be very well built and made from sturdy, solid materials. Here at the Home & Office Stores our children’s beds are sourced from some of the UK’s most trusted and popular brands so you can be assured they have been well constructed and are tough.

Storage, Storage and More Storage!

Children have a LOT of “stuff” – clothes, shoes, bedding, books, toys and teddies can take up a lot of room so storage is very important. Even if you have a lot of other storage in your child’s bedroom having extra storage under the bed is advisable.

Bedroom Layout.

Before you go ahead and buy a new bed for your child’s bedroom it’s worth taking a look at the layout of the room… for example if you are considering a bunk bed, a high sleeper bed or a mid sleeper bed then take into account the ladder and any obsticles such as doors or other furniture. Its also not advised to place bunk beds or high sleeper beds near windows that open (for obvious reasons).

Welcome to the world of Sleepovers.

Sleepovers are great for children, they can spend time with their friends – playing games, telling (scary) stories or just watching TV together, but with sleepovers come the hassle’s of where your child’s friends are going to actually sleep… This is where Day Beds are great! They have a slide out “trundle” bed to instantly create an extra sleeping space. If you child has a lot of friends sleeping over though there may be some arguments over who get’s the trundle bed and who doesn’t (sorry!)

Planning for the future.

If you are planning on having more children in the future then you may want to pass down your current childs bed to their younger sibling it may be an idea to buy a neutral style of bed, buying a cute princess bed now may be a brilliant idea but what if your next child is a boy?

Also think about how a younger sibling may not be suitable for a higher bed – for example we do not recommend that children under 6 are placed in the top bunk of a bunk bed or in a high sleeper bed and mid sleeper beds are not suitable for children under 4.

So don’t just think about what you need right now – think about your family in the future, will you need to fit another child in the bedroom? Will the current bed be passed down to the younger child when they are ready for their own bed?

Our most popular children’s beds in 2023.

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