Orthopaedic Mattresses

If you suffer with aches and pains, getting a good night’s sleep can often be difficult. The answer then may be a mattress with additional support, such as an orthopaedic mattress. To that end, we are proud that we stock a range of orthopaedic mattresses that will provide both the comfort and support you need to get a good rest. As orthopaedic mattresses are super firm, which means that they should provide the ultimate in support. The idea is that this extra support for your joints and back will mean you are likely to feel less aches and pain and will therefore get a better sleep. Orthopaedic mattresses have been specifically designed to support those parts of the body that bear most of the weight during sleep such as the back, hips, and neck. So by helping your body weight to be distributed more evenly, you should have a more restful sleep. If you do suffer from aches and pains during the night, know that we stock orthopaedic mattresses in a variety of sizes. Moreover, with such a large range of beds available at The Home and Office Stores as well, we know that you will find exactly what you need right here. Our range of beds includes all sizes from single beds all the way up to super king and, with so many styles available, the bed of your dreams (pardon the pun) is waiting for you right here.
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Slumber Sleep Emerald Medium Orthopaedic Mattress