High Sleeper Beds

High Sleeper Beds from The Home and Office Stores will give you years of quality and maximum versatility with the space that is available in a children's bedroom. The idea of High Sleeper Beds is that your child can sleep elevated in a bunk-type bed, with the lower space taken up by furniture rather than another twin bed. This frees up a great amount of room for other important elements in the room of a child - the ability to have a space large enough to play in. This is especially useful when the room size is smaller than average, High Sleeper Beds can double the space in an instant!

High Sleeper Beds come in a wide range of styles, colours, and materials to complement any existing decor or enhance any future decorating. Some of the more popular options for High Sleeper Beds include desks and shelves underneath, those with a chair which folds out into a twin bed, and a desk with a little wardrobe underneath. High Sleeper Beds can transform as your children grow, simply adding and changing accessories. Tables can be added and removed to create a little television viewing or reading corner underneath High Sleeper Beds. Mattresses can be changed, and a variety of shelving units as your children age and need more room for school books.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
Hit 10 High Sleeper Bed with Long Desk
£579.00 Save: 31%Now :   £399.00
Kids Avenue Urban Highsleeper Bed 1
£999.00 Save: 30%Now :   £699.00
Kids Avenue Urban Highsleeper Bed Build Your Own
£509.00 Save: 30%Now :   £355.00
Stompa Casa 4 high sleeper bed with pull out sofa bed
£1,559.00 Save: 30%Now :   £1,085.00
Stompa Casa A High Sleeper Bed
£489.00 Save: 31%Now :   £339.00
Stompa Casa B High Sleeper Bed
£1,089.00 Save: 30%Now :   £759.00
Stompa Casa C High Sleeper Bed
£1,159.00 Save: 30%Now :   £809.00
Stompa Casa D High Sleeper Bed
£1,299.00 Save: 30%Now :   £909.00
Stompa Casa E High Sleeper Bed
£1,369.00 Save: 30%Now :   £959.00
Stompa Casa F High Sleeper Bed
£1,449.00 Save: 30%Now :   £1,009.00
Stompa Casa High Sleeper Bed Build Your Own
£489.00 Save: 31%Now :   £339.00
Flair Furnishings Wizard Junior High Sleeper Bed
£399.99 Save: 25%Now :   £299.00

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