Cabin Beds

If you’re looking for a children’s bed that comes with storage, a cabin bed is what you need. Cabin beds are similar to bunk beds, with the added extra of a storage space instead of the lower bunk. This space may also be used for a desk, drawers or play area. Cabin beds are usually mid height, making them ideal for children and therefore a very popular product. A cabin bed can also give the impression of a larger room, due to the amount of space you’ll save with all the extra room. You won’t know how you managed before! For someone looking to save space or add versatility to their children’s bedroom, while also having a sturdy, top quality bed, you won’t go wrong with a cabin bed. Here at the Home & Office Stores, we stock a wide range of cheap cabin beds with storage, desks or drawers, all providing the ideal way for you to save space in your kid’s room. You will be spoilt for choice with our range, all provided from top brands and made from top quality materials that are built to last.

A cabin bed can bring many benefits to a children’s bedroom, such as a place to store toys or clothes, study or create a private play area. A cabin bed also encourages neatness and organisation for your child, as they will see the benefit when their belongings are where they should be. Our cabin beds are available in many styles of wood and metal, and can be customised with accessories, to turn it into the best environment for your child. Whether you have an excitable toddler or a studying teenager, a cabin bed with storage is always an economical purchase when it doubles up with storage. There are few pieces of furniture as versatile as a cabin bed, both able to encourage a child’s imagination to create a den and a place for a student to study in peace. We also stock a range of accessories that can be added onto a cabin bed from storage methods to decorations able to transform the bed into a playhouse, a castle or a spaceship! Browse our range of storage beds below, or get in touch with our team for more information.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
Flintshire Furniture Frankie White Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage
£499.00 Save: 16%Now :   £419.00
Kids Avenue Eli A Mid Sleeper Bed
£409.00 Save: 29%Now :   £289.00
Kids Avenue Eli B Mid Sleeper Bed
£619.00 Save: 31%Now :   £429.00
Kids Avenue Eli C Mid Sleeper Bed
£859.00 Save: 30%Now :   £599.00
Kids Avenue Eli D Mid Sleeper Bed
£889.00 Save: 30%Now :   £619.00
Kids Avenue Eli E Mid Sleeper Bed
£1,119.00 Save: 29%Now :   £789.00
Kids Avenue Eli F Mid Sleeper Bed
£869.00 Save: 30%Now :   £609.00
Kids Avenue Eli G Mid Sleeper Bed
£1,089.00 Save: 30%Now :   £759.00
Flair Furnishings Charlie Mid Sleeper Bed
£649.99 Save: 39%Now :   £399.00
Flair Furnishings Charlie Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Staircase
£549.99 Save: 49%Now :   £279.00
Flexa Nordic Mid Sleeper Bed 1 Flat White Gable Ends
£429.00 Save: 30%Now :   £299.00
Flexa Nordic Mid Sleeper Bed 1 Grey Gable Ends
£429.00 Save: 30%Now :   £299.00