Bed Frame Accessories

Once you have decided upon the best mattress and type of bed frame for your child to sleep upon, the next question to ask is what is available at The Home and Office Stores for bed frame accessories? There are lots of items, which can be mounted, hung from, or positioned near the bed frame in order to provide the most storage efficient user friendly experience in the bedroom. Some of the bed frame accessories available include clip on shelving, bendy lights, and 3 pocket rail pouches made of fabric. Bed frame accessories to go along with bedroom decor make it easy for parents to keep track of which items belongs to which child, too!

Bed frame accessories such as the LED bendy bunk light in silver make a durable and adaptable reading lamp. The light can be USB or 5 volt mains powered. The 3 pocket rail tidy is one of the fabric bed frame accessories available in shades of blue or pink. Bed frame accessories to help keep belongings organised include the Urban and Stompa clip on shelf. These bed frame accessories come in blue, white, or lilac (Stompa) and natural wood and white (Urban).

Items per Page:
Product Image Item Name- Price
Flexa Nordic Playhouse Top Extension Kit
Flexa Nordic Trundle Bed Drawer
£129.00 Save: 23%Now :   £99.00
Furniture To Go Angel Cot Storage Drawer
Kids Avenue LED Bendy Bunk Light
£39.99 Save: 13%Now :   £34.99
Kids Avenue LED White Clip On Bunk Light
£39.99 Save: 5%Now :   £37.99
Kids Avenue Tam Tam grey under bed drawer
Kids Avenue Tam Tam white under bed drawer
Kids Avenue Urban Clip on Shelf
£39.00 Save: 10%Now :   £35.00
Steens For Kids Mid Sleeper 3 Pocket Rail Tidy in blue
Steens For Kids Mid Sleeper 3 Pocket Rail Tidy in Pink
Steens For Kids Mid Sleeper Tent in Dark and Light Blue
Steens For Kids Mid Sleeper Tent in Purple and Pink

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