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What are High Sleeper Beds?

High Sleeper Beds (also known as Loft Beds) are single beds constructed so that there is plenty of space underneath - imagine a traditional bunk bed but without the bottom bunk. They are ideal for smaller rooms as they offer excellent storage whilst freeing up floor space plus other benefits such as desk space or seating.

We have numerous types of High Sleeper beds for sale at The Home and Office Stores including:

High Sleeper Beds with Storage.

A High Sleeper Bed with storage is a great bedroom solution for when your child has lots of "stuff" such as toys, games and books. These types of high sleepers often come complete with shelves, drawers and cupboards to help keep your child's room tidy (we can't promise they will keep it tidy though).


High Sleeper Beds with Seating

A High Sleeper Bed with seating underneath gives your child the freedom to relax without "going to bed". Their room is now a place to chill and relax or have friends over. Some of our high sleepers come with both seating and storage, or seating and a desk so you can choose the best option for your child.


High Sleeper Beds for Gaming

If your child is an avid gamer then a "gaming bed" is without doubt the best option. With a built in desk for multiple monitors, LED lighting, room for a PC or games console and storage for controllers, headsets and more... A Gaming High Sleeper Bed can also double up as a great study area.


Are high sleeper beds the right choice?

The most important factor when choosing a bed for your child is safety, high sleeper beds are recommended for the following ages:

Age Recommendation
6+If you child is under six years old then it is not recommended that they sleep in a high sleeper bed.

Why buy High Sleeper Beds from The Home & Office Stores?

Order a high sleeper or loft bed bed from us here at The Home & Office Stores and you get a hassle free experience. We are a family run business with years of experience in the online furniture industry. We offer amazing prices on trusted brands and you can choose to spread the cost of your new bed interest free by selecting either Klarna or PayPal during checkout*

*Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

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