Shelving at The Home and Office Stores can provide quick and easy storage of adult and children's items. Also useful for the office setting, shelving makes an attractive display cabinet in a pinch. There is shelving in a number of styles for home and office, adults and children alike. Oak, pine, and painted storage solutions make it easy to complete a furniture set. Shelving can be the type which is mounted on walls, such as the oak shelving units, those with cube storage boxes like the ones for children, and even closed back units for storing books and other things.

Colours include white with pine, green with pine, birch, and a hard lacquer finish over natural wood. Clip on shelving for children can expand the use of a bedroom exponentially and create more space for play. There is two cube storage shelving made as a small TV stand, and stand up units, which attach to mid or high beds and act as a wardrobe. Clip on shelves also make good bedside tables for small items which adults and children need up until the lights go out - such as eyeglasses or an emergency flashlight.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
Furniture To Go Angel 1 Drawer Low Bookcase
Furniture To Go Angel 118cm Wall Shelf
Furniture To Go Angel 84cm Wall Shelf
Furniture To Go Chelsea 150cm Wall Shelf
Furniture To Go Cortina Wall Shelf 117cm Oak
Furniture To Go Cortina Wall Shelf 156cm Oak
Furniture To Go Toledo Wallshelf
Kids Avenue 4 Cube Storage Unit
£239.00 Save: 17%Now :   £199.00
Kids Avenue Eli & Noah Clip On Shelf
Kids Avenue Urban Clip on Shelf
Kids Avenue Urban High Shelf Unit
£249.00 Save: 20%Now :   £199.00
Kids Avenue Urban Low Shelf Unit
£149.00 Save: 20%Now :   £119.00

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