Kids Cabin Beds

Why Should I Get Kids Cabin Bed’s?

If your child has limited space in their bedroom and you find that furniture is taking up a lot of the room, investing in a kids cabin bed is a great solution to this issue. A fun and practical addition to any children’s bedroom. Ideal for active little sleepers, the secure rails make your child wont wriggle out of bed in the night; our cabin beds also have the option of having either a smaller 2 rung ladder or a mini staircase. At Home and Office stores, we offer an exciting range of themed beds which are a fabulous and fun bedroom feature. These include bright yellow school bus, a castle themed cabin bed and many different playhouse style cabin beds. The main advantage to kids cabin beds is the large area underneath the bed, which offers a variety of different uses.

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Where Can I Get Kids Cabin Beds?

At Home and Office Stores, we offer a wide range of kids cabin beds. So that they can easily fit in with your home, we offer a variety of materials and colours and we hope that we have something to suit everyone. We take into consideration that the reason you may be looking for a cabin bed is to save space and use the under bed area for extra furniture, which we also provide in store. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the ease of coming into our store and leaving with an entire room done in one shopping trip!

What Are the Options Available When Choosing Kids Cabin Beds?

At home and office stores, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a huge variety of options when choosing their kids cabin beds. We offer a range of materials and finishes, these include coloured metal finished and real wood frames. Our cabin beds come in a wide variety of colours such as;

  • Natural grain wood
  • White
  • Off White
  • Pink
  • Bright Green
  • Bright Blue

The space underneath our kids cabin bed can be used for many different things;

  • Storage, such as built in wardrobes and draws
  • Under bed play space – under bed curtains make a perfect den!
  • Keeping a desk or guest mattress underneath

The possibilities are endless!