Filing Cabinets

There are two types of filing cabinets available through The Home and Office Stores. For instance, beech or white colour four drawer filing cabinets which match the other items in the office furniture collection. They have a modern look and can blend with the background during your next big business deal. Made of the same quality materials and constructed to last with an additional five-year manufacturers guarantee, these filing cabinets can be locked at the top drawer for extra security when storing the most important documents.

Drawer hardware for the filing cabinets is metal and meant to be easy and quiet to open and close, while handles are also metal and silver in colour. The filing cabinets have a 25mm thick unit top, with a 2mm edge band. Built into the filing cabinets are accuride document hanging rails so that you are ready to go at once! The filling cabinets are moderately heavy which makes them difficult to tip over and provides a stable top surface for other office supplies. Pedestal tables, desks, cupboards, and more can be matched with the filing cabinets for a uniform suite of furniture in the office.
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