Children's Wooden Tables

Children's wooden tables are a great place to encourage creative play in the children's play area. The Bamhaus Amelie oak play table from the Home and Office Store has a wide selection of accessories to go with these quality children's wooden tables. For instance, there are wooden chairs, toy boxes, wardrobes, and more. The wooden play table comes with two large drawers and solid wood construction. Made of oak, the children's wooden tables are finished in a hard satin-luster lacquer for maximum protection.

Children's wooden tables can give the little ones a quiet space to eat during large family gatherings. They are easy to wash and come in natural oak. Chances are they may even match your adult dining set! Children's wooden tables are designed in a strong, classic style with four carved legs, and a kid-friendly set of large drawer knobs so that little hands can learn to put things away for themselves. Children's wooden tables are part of an entire line of children's furniture made of the same solid oak and hard satin finish. Children's wooden tables match bedroom sets as well as play area items.
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