Chaise Lounges

At the Home and Office Stores, chaise lounges for children are available in a plethora of patterns and fun fabrics. Chaise lounges are built to order with loving care by UK craftsmen. Using a wooden frame, a flame retardant and easy to wash fabric is added, along with ample cushioning. These chaise lounges for children are miniature versions of ones adults enjoy and can blend into a main lounge, bedroom, or playroom easily. The chaise lounges are built in child sizes for maximum comfort when relaxing.

Additionally, there are many accessories in the series which go perfectly with the chaise lounges. Items such as toy chests, Z bed, sofa bed, chair bed, tub chair and wing-tip chair can make a suite of furniture just right for children and their friends and pleasing to look at for parents. Patterns of chaise lounges range from whimsical Scotty dogs, little dogs, and kitty cats to adorable teacup, songbird, and Happy House patterns. There are also chaise lounges available in seascape patterns, racing cars, classic toys, jungle animals, and solid colours like pink, blue, and green.
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Just4Kidz Jungle Party chaise longue

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