Bean Chairs

Bean chairs are a flexible solution to seating and lounging furniture for children. Durable and easily washed, the bean chairs available at The Home and Office Store come in fabrics to suit any play area or bedroom. Bean bags are offered in colours and patterns to match much of the furniture available for children. For instance, bean chairs can be paired with bean bags, or padded toy chests, sofa beds, sleep chairs, and other seating. Bean chairs are made to order, and their fabric has been safely treated with fire retardant to comply with the optimum in safety standards for your home.

Bean chairs are best for children under three, and are made so that little ones can grasp and carry their chair from one room to another. Weighing just one kilogram, these chairs can quickly be put out of the way when it is time to sweep or vacuum! Bean chairs give support to soft toddler bodies and provide a place for sitting to watch television or play a game with their friends. Bean chairs look good on their own or as a set for toddlers and their friends or siblings.
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Just4Kidz Jungle Party bean chair

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