Nursing & Rocking Chairs

Nursery rocking chairs are a great way for mother and baby to bond during feeding; they also provide comfort and support, especially during late night feeding. However, when it comes to picking the perfect nursery rocking chairs, there is much to consider. For example, nursery chairs can be any one of gliding, rocking or stationary and the one you choose will depend on your preference and budget. Many new mothers prefer a chair that moves because the rocking motion can help soothe baby back to sleep while at the same time providing a bit of comfort for mum. When looking to buy a nursery rocking chair, comfortable armrests are worth a consideration. A chair with wide armrests, preferably padded, offers more comfort when feeding baby. It may also be worthwhile looking for a nursery chair with a padded seat, which provides even more comfort. For safety and security, nursery and rocking chairs should also be fitted with a lock mechanism, which will mean the chair does not move when you get in and out of it. Nursery rocking chairs are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours and they are made from various materials. Solid wood chairs, for example, are designed to last for many years and are perfect for most homes, particularly those who want a large family. Nursery rocking chairs are perfectly placed beside your babies cot or cot bed.

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Tutti Bambini Daisy Deluxe Oak Reclining Glider Chair & Stool

The tutti Bambini oak colour Daisy Delu...

Tutti Bambini Daisy Deluxe White Reclining Glider Chair & Stool

The tutti Bambini white Daisy Deluxe Gl...