Kids Bunk Beds

Why Should I Get Kids Bunk Beds?

A great addition to any kid’s bedroom where floor space is limited but children are abundant, kids bunk beds can be a fantastic, functional addition to your home. As well as being practical, kids bunk beds are an extremely popular choice for the little ones due to the novelty value. For families with siblings sharing a bedroom, or for kids wanting a guest bed for sleepovers, bunk beds are the ideal solution. Bunk beds can offer alternative lay-outs to suit the shape of the room, and offer features such as pull out desks and guest beds. Themed bunk beds can also add an exciting, adventurous element for children’s bedrooms. There are a range of different tent options to turn any bedroom into a fortress or campsite in the click of a finger!

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Where Should I Get Kids Bunk Beds?

At Home and Office Stores, our selection of kids bunk beds come in a wide variety of materials and finishes, making them an easy addition to fit into almost any room or decor. Our designs include a range of authentic wood frames, coloured metal finishes, and of course we have included lots of space for books and toys! We also take into consideration space may be needed for cupboards, shelves, under bed storage, and wardrobes; which we also offer in our range of furniture that matches our beds. At Home and Office stores, you can finish an entire room in one shopping trip!

What Are the Options Available When Choosing Kids Bunk Beds?

There are many different options available for kids bunk beds at Home and Office Stores. We pride ourselves on offering a versatile solution for our customers who need to add beds to a room where floor space is precious. We do this by accommodating to the room dimensions available and any storage space needed. Our alternative bunk bed layouts can include straight offset, L-shaped, desk underneath the top bunk, single over double bed styles, and many more!