Why You Should Plan A Business Breakfast Event For A Successful Venture?

The secret to growing a business is acquiring new and potential clients. One great way to increase your exposure amongst consumers is to host an event in your firm’s vicinity.

But, hosting a normal conference or trade show is too mainstream. So, why not plan to schedule a business event over breakfast?

Hosting a business event over breakfast can work wonders because of two major reasons. First of all, people attending the event are more likely to respond in a positive manner, as they won’t feel that you’re interrupting their work or are simply taking away their personal time. Secondly, studies reveal that early in the morning people tend to be alert and more productive.

Due to these two reasons, business events such as networking, training, fundraising or educational events get amazing results. If truth be told, most business events work wonders over breakfast. Not to mention, motivational business coaching, leadership training or charity awareness are few events that particularly should be held in the morning slot.

However, making the most out of this opportunity does require some efforts and planning. As everyone is not a ‘morning person’, you need to ensure that making the most of the attendees’ time is of paramount importance.

In order to find out the secret to planning a triumphant business breakfast event, we have mentioned top planning tips:

Offer Amazing Coffee

When conducting a breakfast event, you ought to ensure that coffee is being served to the attendees upon arrival and throughout the event. The service needs to be pretty quick and you must not skimp on the quality. Also, see to it that steaming hot tea is made available to those who aren’t into drinking coffee.

Serve a Balanced Breakfast

For everyone, breakfast is the very first meal of the day. In a breakfast event it’s a given that the attendees are likely to be hungry when they arrive. In order to make sure that they feel energised and are ready to attend the event, you must serve proper breakfast, which helps them to kick-start the day.

Providing a section of ‘grab and go items’ or serving a platter at the table itself is an amazing way of satisfying the super hungry attendees. Pastries, fruit platters, yogurt pots, variety of fruit smoothies, etc are some examples that can be offered in such events. Moreover, bear in mind to serve a light and hearty breakfast.

Kick-Start the Day with a Posi0tive Note

Do not forget that your attendees have got out of their bed early and have skipped their morning routine just to attend the event. So, you have to ensure that your event is worth attending. See to it that your introductions aren’t too long in fact, kick-start the event with a bang!

Offer Enticing Prizes and Goodie Bags

You’ve offered the attendees with a hot cup of coffee, an appetising breakfast as well as appealing content. So, what else would they expect from you? Well, offering a small goodie bag is the answer and it wouldn’t cost you much.

Unlike attendees, going for an evening event, the ones attending a breakfast event are likely to head straight to work. This simply means that offering a branded gift could be the right way to end the event and also to promote your business. Not to mention, offering such enticing prizes is the best way to keep customers lingering around for the prize distribution announcement.

Wrap Up on Time

It’s said that time waits for none and whilst you’ve managed to keep people occupied during the most productive hours of their day, you need to ensure that you’re leaving them for work on time.

Attendees show up for such events because they know that their daily routine wouldn’t get interrupted. So now, it’s completely on you to ensure that you’re keeping your side of the bargain and wrapping up the event on time.

To sum it up, do not forget to send across “thank-you” mails to the ones who attended your event. Also, ask them for their feedback as to what they felt about the event and whether it met with their expectations. Finally, ask what improvements they’d like to see the next time.

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