What Kinds Of Cabin Beds Are Available and What’s The Difference Between Them?

A child’s room is a special and personal domain and it should be as comfortable as possible for them. Furniture pieces such as desks, storage furniture or a cabin bed creates a comfortable space for them.

Obviously, a bed is the most important part of the bedroom and the decision on what kind of bed to purchase is key, below we’ve put together a selection of the beds that are available:

Modular Bed

This cabin bed provides ample storage space and is a modular piece of bedroom furniture having multiple storage options that you can add to the matching furniture. Storage, shelving and built in cupboards in the cabin bed will take off the need to have extra storage items in the room, allowing you to create plenty of free space.

Lower Sleeper

Not every child is comfortable with the height, so it is very important to choose a cabin bed that is suitable for them. Lower sleeper cabin beds are a perfect option since they are at a safe height that is not too far from the floor. Despite being lower in height this cabin bed type still holds ample storage space.

High Sleeper

For kid’s aged 6 upwards, you can opt to gift a high sleeper cabin bed. We feel that it is the ideal choice for older children, plus it is seen that kids of this age group really like it. This bed is also an all-in-one package, as it includes the option of adding an extra futon when friends come to stay over.

Desk and Chair

When you choose this type of cabin bed you are chalking off requirements in one. The fact that this type of cabin bed has a desk and chair included apart from the regular storage feature makes it more attractive. This bed is the perfect gift for a pre-school or early school age as it can be used for doing art, crafts or homework.

Mid Sleeper

If your child is not comfortable with being high above the ground and yet, still wishes to be above the average height then you better go for a mid-sleeper cabin bed. It is simple looking cabin bed that is a solid piece of furniture and will work well with almost any room.

If you require any advice on the layout of your child’s room and what furniture to include then get in touch with us today.

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