Tips to Burst Cheerful Colours to Your Child’s Bedroom

Using bright and bold colours is the quickest way to transform any room, but it can be especially important when it comes to child development.

A pop of colours will instantly add more light and will transform the room completely into a more inviting space. We understand that it is not always an easy decision as to what colour would be the best to go for. With options so endless, it can be daunting and confusing to choose the right colours. So, to avoid that and to give your child’s bedroom a sharp look, consider some tips from The Home and Office Stores.

Embrace Art

What can be better than to add art work in your kid’s room? These art pieces enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

To create a modern looking bedroom, art is the right way to go about it as it will bring out the subtle colours in the room. If, you wish to achieve an overall professional finish then ensure that it is in contrast with the background shades.

If the walls are subtly painted say for example in white colour, then there is a real need to balance it out using dominant coloured items of art as that will add a contrast to the walls. Remember to use colours that will compliment the furniture and other objects in the room, to get an overall professional finish.

Remember that you are looking for an eye-catching piece that will just add a burst of colour instead of overpowering the entire room. Also, you are free to experiment with art; you have multiple options such as large frames, murals, multiple tiny frames, etc.

Good Furniture

If you are planning to redo your child’s entire bedroom, then say a huge YES to new furniture! In fact, the right furniture is known to brighten up any room, as it never fails to give the room new life.

One of the most attractive and simplest ideas is to own different furniture pieces with lighter shades of any particular colour. This is bound to look good and match the wall colour, floorboards as well as the wooden finish on the walls as well. In the end, you will be presented with a clean and neat looking room that is clear of any mess.

While opting to buy new furniture, be sure to go for compact yet high utility furniture such as kids cabin beds or bunk beds as they serve a lot of purposes yet save a significant space in your kids’ room allowing them to have a greater area to play.

Feature Wall

One of the most unique concepts to decorate a child’s room is getting a feature wall created. A feature wall adds more definition in form of a bold colour. It can include many things such as a beautiful painted walls, wallpapers, textured walls, etc. This is simply the best idea for your child’s bedroom as you can even make them happy by simply adding their favourite cartoon characters on the wall. This can even be turned into something educational in the case of a younger child, with sticky numbers and letters that can form part of your child’s learning.

Bright lights

Of course, you need to pay attention to the light fittings as they are a huge part of your child’s room. From the ground, up to the ceiling they are well capable of adding alluring colours in the room. When adding a floating light on top, add a stabilising shade that will compliment all colours in the rest of the room. There are various options to choose from and they will promise you a modern look.

Let colour touch every inch of décor to create a room so vibrant and cheerful!

If you require any advice on the layout of your child’s room and what furniture to include then get in touch with us today.

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