6 back to school classroom ideas that will knock every students’ Socks off

A classroom is a place where we have a second chance; we apologise, we forgive, we never give up and keep our promises, we laugh and we fight. No matter whatever happens, in a classroom, children are always a family. Days spent in the classroom while dreaming to become a doctor or a teacher are still unforgettable. Those exciting colourful doors, walls, shelves for hours are now the beautiful memories.

Teachers all over the country gear up before the re-opening of the school in every season to bring something new and enchanting decorative items for the classroom. A well- decorated classroom is always a fun for the students and stimulates them to think and learn better. So, if you are looking for some crazy yet learning decorative ideas for a classroom then read this article.

Here we have 6 back- to- school classroom ideas that will knock every students’ Socks off

Decorative Doors

The very first thing that you can do is to make the entrance of the classroom appealing. You can paint the door or can use some decorative items like sketches, ribbons, balloons and write a message on it to let the kids know how special they are. You can jot down inspirational quotes and slogans as well that induce every student to read at least once in a day. In the same way you can decorate cabinets as well.

Bulletin Boards

You can buy a simple ply board and decorate it with some interesting stuff or make it a theme based, add some flowers, butterflies, books or make it like a news channel. This snazzy bulletin always attracts students to glance it and prepared any news or articles or pictures for it. These bulletin boards can easily hang upon but up to the reach of your students.

Make a Facebook /Instagram wall

These days even young kids are aware of Facebook or Instagram. Though we do not allow them to use phones extensively, it will be pleasantly surprised to see a Facebook or Instagram wall in their classroom. You can ask them to put pictures weekly on that. It can be a fun activity for students and they can enjoy staring it while sitting in a classroom.

Lighting craft

Think about some famous cartoon characters. Then you can draw their faces over the chart paper and fill them with different colours. Once you ready with the face then fit them over lights and hang them on the ceilings. This gives a joy to the students to see their favourite cartoon characters flying and throwing some light all over the classroom.

Pretty Shelves

Give an entirely new look to those boring wooden shelving. You can paint them with some bright colours according to the paint of the walls of the classroom. Paint different cartoon characters or famous personalities on the cover of the shelves, so students always feel motivated after glancing them and keep their names in their mind.

Such creative and stimulating environment of the classroom will be helpful for both student and teacher to work together for their bright future.

6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

From a kitchen’s diary: Meals and memories are made here….

A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter and a heap of love, all these make a delicious recipe for your kitchen. A kitchen is one place in your house that actually induces your family members to sit and eat meals together. Also, if your kitchen is entangled with some new stylish shelves then it can add more stars and the moon in your fun of cooking.

So, in order to add some glamour to your boring kitchen, we have some styling suggestions, which you can experiment with the shelves. Have a look!

6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

Open shelving

Open shelving is a hot trend in the kitchen these days. They allow easy access to everyday items and appliances. Removal of these bulky kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. In this, you can even display your antique crockery as well. You can either use the old shelves of the cabinets or you can change them or paint them to give a new look.

Shelf Riser

Next tip to change the look of your kitchen shelves is to add shelf riser. There are various kinds of shelf risers available in the market that you can choose according to the height of the shelves. You can add one or two shelf risers to increase the storage space if space allows it. These different types of shelf risers not only add surface area but also allow you to grab what you want without moving the other stacks.

Plate Rack

You can add a beautiful plate rack as well, to give your kitchen a new look. This rack will help you to keep your crockery organised and display it in an eye catching manner. Plate racks are good for storage of serving platters and even for displaying your favourite cookbooks. Choose a plate rack according to the interior and paints of your kitchen so that it won’t look like a chalk and a cheese.

Add hooks

When trying to opt for open shelving in your kitchen then don’t forget to under-utilised space on the bottom of a shelf. You can add various kinds of hooks or can go for under shelf basket. These hooks are very convenient to hang coffee mugs, linens or coffee station supplies, service spoons, etc.

Monochromatic look

Monochromatic colour scheme is always a safe bet. This gives a more appealing look to your kitchen shelves. You can go for a set of white dishes mixed with clear glassware. Add textures and warm colours which you can find in wooden utensils, cutting boards, and woven baskets easily.

Pick a Theme

You can pick a theme for your open kitchen shelving based on different styles like flowers, polka, wooden, antique and so on. To give it more colourful look buys different colours kitchen ware and display on the shelves.

Shelving plays an important role when it comes to kitchen furniture. Hence these amazing kitchen shelving tips will give your kitchen a unique look without even spending huge money.

6 easy tips to choose a perfect dining table

“A dining table is the heart of every home”

The fondest memories are gathered around the dinner table but it can be an irresistible affair if you do not know what exactly you’re looking for. The options are simply endless when you step into the furniture store. This is so because the modern homes are all about a wonderful amalgamation of different styles, trends, textures, and shapes.

But, you do not need to worry much here as we have some tremendous ideas for you to have a glance while choosing a perfect dining table for your sweet home.

Room Size

The very first thing that you should consider while going to buy a dining table to your dining room is its size. There are ample of designs available in dining tables with different sizes. So, you need to select the right size of the dining table that suits to the space. Make sure that it neither gives over stuffed look nor does it gives emptiness to your dining room. It must be a perfect fit that makes your dining room stylish.


Next thing you should see is the kind dining table’s material that suits to your dining room. Suppose, if you have all the wooden furniture in your living room and kitchen, then go for wooden dining table and if you have all the iron furniture then look for an iron dining table. Selection of material also depends upon the usage of dining table if you have kids in your home then never go for a dining table made up of glass; same if there is excess moisture in your house then prefer iron instead of wood.

Family members

While selecting a dining table consider the number of family members you have in your family. There is no point to over stuff your dining room with six-seated dining table if you have a family of four. On the other side, four-seated dining table is of no use if you have six members in your family. So, pick up a dining table, which exactly suit the number of family members.


See the different styles in the dining room furniture showroom but never get so much fascinated with the designer styles. Buy a dining table, which matches to the room size. If, you have a big dining hall go for rectangle shape dining table; but, if you have a small one then opt for a square shape. If, it is a medium room then you can also consider round dining table. So choose the style, which serves your purpose the most.


Make sure that you never over burden your wallet while buying a dining table. There are plenty of designs and variety available in the stores you can pick it as per your budget. You can even customize it as per your requirement, family members, a size of the room and interior of the room.

So, pick up a dining table according to these tips and make it full of laughter, food, and memories rather than just a speechless expensive decorative room furnishing.

7 tips to choose a comfortable bed for yourself

Life Tip: When nothing goes right, go to bed.

The bed is a magical place where you can spend the cosiest time and forget all your worries for a day. It always takes you to the kingdom of dreams. Lying on your bed must be the favourite past time for all of us. This is very true that your body always needs a good sleep to recharge for the next day but getting a good night sleep is not easy these days. There are a lot of factors that affects sleep like stress level, room temperature, mattress, ventilation, food and foremost is your bed.

A comfortable bed with quality mattress is the two strong blocks needed for a restful slumber. So if you are looking to buy a new bed and have recently taken a stroll down the aisle of a bedding store and if you are still confused how to choose a right bed then this article is for you.

7 essential tips to choose a comfortable bed for yourself

Fix up a day to visit few stores

Experts report that we spend nearly third of our lives in bed so it becomes vital obviously to spend plenty of time to choose the best one. Get a list from the internet about the different bedding stores located in your area. Then keep a day to just contact and visit them to see the varieties, sizes, designs, prices, discounts and offers they are providing. Then pick your perfect bed that fits your requirements and budget.

Don’t just admire it, lie on it

When you decided to the visit the various stores next step remember there is a need to lie on the bed and check how comfortable it is. The moment you enter into the bedroom furniture store go to bed which catches your attention, touch it to observe and feel the material and then lie on it for at least 5 minutes. This is because all of us have different body  types and height. So you see a particular bed may fit for your friend but not for you. So try the bed before you make a decision to purchase it.

Opt for a bed together

Bed buyers remember that if you are about to share your new bed, than it is suggested you take your partner along with you to opt for a right bed. Consider both your requirements, as per the body structure, and weight while selecting a bed. So it will be a decent choice and comfortable for both of you and you can enjoy your blissful sleep.

Consider the size of your room

The next tip you should keep in your mind about your would be bed is that how you can accommodate it in your room. You need to think about the size of the room then accordingly go for the bed.

You must analyze the space available in your room and whether a king or queen size or cabin beds suits its space. As in order to relax properly, you need to have a reasonable space around your bed and also avoid over –stuffing in your room.

Bed and mattress always work together

Keep it in your mind that a bed and mattress always work together to give you a good sleep.

You need to see the kind of mattress as well which suits to your bed like spring mattresses are ideal for spring beds whereas you can team up slat beds with foam mattresses. So whenever buy a bed new mattresses are always a big yes.

Aesthetically appealing bed

So after considering above tips you should see that your bed design should be good enough that it matches to the interior of your bedroom. You can opt for headboards beds if you want to add a style to your bedroom. If you want to keep it simple opt for metal one. You will get ample of designs with different vibrant colours once you visit to the stores.

Wallet –friendly

Check the prices, discounts and offers as well when you are looking for your sleep buddy. You can first compare the prices of beds with different online and offline stores and then pick it accordingly. So that it will be friendly to your wallet as well.

So bed buyers keep these above tips in your mind if you want to choose a perfect companion (bed) for you to enjoy your slumber.

4 tips to stay organised while you move out

Are you planning to move out? Have you started packing? Then you should probably get to it after reading this article because today you are going to learn the 4 most important things that you will need to do while moving out to ensure that you are all organised. Staying organised while moving out is vital because that insures the travel of every item of your from one place to another without any one single one being left back. So, read on and know.


Remove off the unwanted items

You may not realise that there are many items that take up a lot of space in your home that you don’t even touch for years and may be will not even see for next many decades. Then what is the use of having them around? And what on Earth is the use of taking them with you in your new home? You surely don’t want to clutter your beautiful new place with all such unwanted waste. So, it is advisable to purge them out. Make a list of all such items and then decide which one can be resold, recycled and thrown off. Have a garage sale for all the ones that you feel can earn you some extra money. At least you can try to meet your packers and movers fee from it. Recycle the recyclable ones and show the bin to the ones that are utterly useless.


Use labels

When you are moving out, you really don’t have all the items of one room going into the same room of the new home. There are times when you find the kitchen stuff right into your bathroom. So, to avoid that, make extensive use of labels. Label each cartoons with what they contain and mention the location of the place where they have to be settled, so that you can simply open them and start furnishing your new home. This will save you from a great deal of work and energy that you can utilise for some better and worthy work.


Using the right boxes

While you are packing, ensure that you are using the right boxes for the right job. If you are packing something heavy then ensure that you are using some really strong boxes while you are using boxes with cushioning inside them for crockery and all. You can even use very large boxes for such breakable items and have shock absorbers like sponge around them to keep them protected. While moving, there can be chances of your moving boxes to fall or get damaged. So, be sure that they are sturdy enough and are in great shape so that none of your items get broken. Also, use boxes with handles that will be used for lifting heavy stuff so that they are carried with ease. If possible, try to use reusable packing boxes that can be easily utilised in your new home or can be simply folded and kept in the attic, so that they don’t end up eating a lot of space in your new home, thereby helping you to stay organised.


Organise your new space

Since every home is distinct from other homes, you will need to buy new furniture. Sort that thing out before you move in so that you don’t have to deal with the entire mess that the arrival of new furniture will do. Well before moving in, buy and keep your basic essentials such as the sofas, beds, wardrobes and storage stuffs, so that you don’t have to invest much of your time in them. Also, if you were not much organised in your earlier home, time has not gone to far. You can still correct your misdeeds. Learn some ways in which you can organise your new home, buy some organisers and then live a very systematically sorted life in your new home. Trust me, such home is very appealing to look at as well.