Why we want you to make a visit to Home and Gift Buyer’s Festival

The Home and Office Stores are your one stop shop for all your furniture needs, but we know that no home or office is made just with furniture. There are many other things that are required to adorn your entity, which is why; we advise you to make a trip to Home and Gift Buyer’s Festival in Harrogate.

So, be it design-led or traditional gifts or interior and exterior home ware accessories or may be jewelry, fashion products or greeting cards, you will surely find the very best of them only and only at Home and Gift.

So, start planning your vacation accordingly and don’t miss the trip for this exhibition, because this is something that you will never get to see it all the time. Here, you will get to explore all the current industry trends along with enriching your knowledge about the newest fashion in the home décor industry.

Right from the mere lights to the utter essential bed sheets, you will find them all painted in an unique light because they will be adorned with extensive and vivid creativity that will leave your eyes marveling at each and every piece of them.

Yet, if you are wondering about the magnificence of this festival and are still contemplating your decision, let us glide you through few of the many things that you will find there in the festival.

Greetings and stationary

Go ahead and discover the newest and the most unique forms of greeting cards that are not available in all parts of the country. Only being stacked on the stalls of this festivals, you will get to behold at the sheer beauty that can be wore by your mere stationary. You will also find greeting cards in certain designs that you had never seen before. Now, wont you gift such an exquisite piece to some special one?

Jeweler and Fashion

Necklaces, scarves, rings, bags and so much more! The festival is no smaller than a fashion festival right in the heart of Paris. This is the only time wherein you will get to revamp your fashion knowledge, grasp some great fashion ideas and become a guru for the ones who are still back in time. This festival is a buyers’ paradise and will help you adorn yourself along with your homes and offices.

Culinary and more

Who said there is no style in cooking? The Internet is blazing with many cooks that are first known for their style and later for their food. Well, you are going to get endowed with a lot of style gear for your kitchen and cooking time.

Lights and more

They say lights can turn a small hut into a palace and that is precisely right. Yet, if you are not convinced, a trip to this festival will convey it to you very well. Enriched with an extensive collection of lights right from the back in time phase to the modern age look, you will find many lights to install in your home that will go your guests go flabbergasted. You can even find a matching set of lights that will compliment our stylish furniture.

The stunning town of Harrogate is playing the host to this spectacular festival and you can make your way till there, via trains or road ways. You can book hotels that are near the venue, but be sure to book them before the end of July or else you will miss out on the remaining hotel rooms as majority are already full. If you are businessperson, then you will need to reach there well before the end of July if you want to take a part in this show and show case your own set of marvelously talented décor pieces.