A place of work and play

Living rooms are generally the center of attraction for any home. They can be magnificent when furnished well, but no matter what you do, trying to put a personal touch on a room like this can be hard. You A place of work and play.jpg A place of work and play.jpg exceeds the maximum upload size for this sitecan get some fabulous coffee tables, sofas and TV cabinets for the living room and furniture that this can really brighten up a home.

The layout may vary but eventually a living room may need a bit of sprucing up. This is because, when you think of the living room versatility is at the forefront of every home.

In order to redecorate the ordinary illusion of living rooms the normal perspective will need to be changed entirely. If you are bored of the same four walls then now is the right time to add some life to your living room. If you have kids in your home, then it is all the more fun. Experiment with different layouts and colours in your living room.

Dividing into pieces

Firstly before you decide exactly what to do with your living room, you will need to do some groundwork. The main part about is gauging the size of your living room. If it’s big, then that’s great because it gives you more space to experiment and get creative.

For this, use a measuring tape to measure your hall. Then sit down and map your living room according to the taken measurements. After the map is made, divide your living room into four equal parts. Each part is going to work as a varied sub-hemisphere of your living room. You will have to give each part a varied look and form.

Going by this, you are actually going to make 4 different sections in the living room, each reflecting something entirely distinct from the other remaining three. For instance, one corner is for children then the other is going to be a corner specifically for work.

The Office

Using the bedroom as a place to study and work is not a good shout. That is why; you can simply shift the office to your living room.

Get your office table, paint the walls in this specific corner with subtle colours, hang up all the things that motivate you and settle your computer on a new office table.

Don’t forget a smaller desk if you have kids and comfortable chairs along with an endless supplies of stationary. This can even be a place for the whole family if you love to read! You can simply sit there and read whatever you like in peace! In fact, sitting there together allows you to lounge.

The lounge

This is the place for relaxation. Everyone loves a big TV, good speaker system and a great quality media player. Needless to say, comfortable sofas loaded with tones and tones of cushions are a must.

Have a small library of famous music tracks and movies. Though CDs and DVDs are outdated now, they can still give a classy look to the lounge.

The Activity Corner

This is the place where the whole family can get into great shape. In this modern age, it is vital to pay attention to fitness and because of that, why not have a sporty corner in your living room. Equip it with a yoga mat and you’ll be on your way!

Decorate the corner with motivational quotes and posters or anything that will give out good vibes in your living room.

The main reason to have this layout in your living room is to change the conventional appearance of it. Also, it will facilitate the entire family to stay in one single room for most of their time, thereby fostering better family bonding.