Spruce Up Your Office Space

Spruce Up Your Office Space

Is your office space draining you? If so, then now it is the time that you revamp it and give it a fresh look. Staying in a boring ambience isn’t advisable due to a number of reasons. It can adversely affect your work and ruin your productivity. So, there is no option left for you but to put some effort in and make your office space a good environment. Here are some tips that can help you deal with this:

Clean the space

First and foremost, the main thing that you need to do is to clean your workspace. So spend some time in the office organising your workspace to make it look spick and span. As the unorganized rubbish carries on piling, things start affecting the way you work. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and do some cleaning. Put some time aside and set up your office space to make it look neat and tidy.


Once you are done cleaning your space, next you need to decorate your office space to make it look appealing. The main reason for decorating your office space is  to make it personal so that it gives you a homely feeling. We’re all comfortable at home, and this wonderful ambience will help but minds and body at ease in the work environment.

decorate office space

To Start With…

To start with, you can add some colour to your office space. Grab a few pictures and posters to pin up on your personal noticeboard. You can stick your favourite bits on a filing cabinet or some other cupboard as well.

This will bring in a homely feel to your space. If you are in touch with your spiritual side and enjoy being surrounded by lights, decorative ribbon or feathers then you can wrap them around a notice board. Dream catchers are popular nowadays in offices and at home.


An office isn’t complete without lights. There are a range of fancy table lamps out there on the market. If you can get your hands on a few, then these will brighten up your office space. You can even use some fairy lights on your desk to lighten the mood in your office.

Personalise with your Favourite Items

Many people refrain from displaying their hobbies and interests in the boundaries of their office space. However, this is exactly the thing that makes your office space boring. Add some colour to it by putting your items of your interest for display on your desk. This will make your space look more appealing. However, be sure that you are not unnecessarily crowding your desk. Allow the space to look simple and beautiful.

Personify everything

This is the last thing on our list but it’s the most popular one. Make things personal! The main issue with office items is that they are often too boring and bland. So, put some life into them. Give your office a brand, use colours that will keep your collegues mind at ease, blues and green are perfect! Instantly you will feel life being drawn into your office space as the boredom moves out.

6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

From a kitchen’s diary: Meals and memories are made here….

A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter and a heap of love, all these make a delicious recipe for your kitchen. A kitchen is one place in your house that actually induces your family members to sit and eat meals together. Also, if your kitchen is entangled with some new stylish shelves then it can add more stars and the moon in your fun of cooking.

So, in order to add some glamour to your boring kitchen, we have some styling suggestions, which you can experiment with the shelves. Have a look!

6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

Open shelving

Open shelving is a hot trend in the kitchen these days. They allow easy access to everyday items and appliances. Removal of these bulky kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. In this, you can even display your antique crockery as well. You can either use the old shelves of the cabinets or you can change them or paint them to give a new look.

Shelf Riser

Next tip to change the look of your kitchen shelves is to add shelf riser. There are various kinds of shelf risers available in the market that you can choose according to the height of the shelves. You can add one or two shelf risers to increase the storage space if space allows it. These different types of shelf risers not only add surface area but also allow you to grab what you want without moving the other stacks.

Plate Rack

You can add a beautiful plate rack as well, to give your kitchen a new look. This rack will help you to keep your crockery organised and display it in an eye catching manner. Plate racks are good for storage of serving platters and even for displaying your favourite cookbooks. Choose a plate rack according to the interior and paints of your kitchen so that it won’t look like a chalk and a cheese.

Add hooks

When trying to opt for open shelving in your kitchen then don’t forget to under-utilised space on the bottom of a shelf. You can add various kinds of hooks or can go for under shelf basket. These hooks are very convenient to hang coffee mugs, linens or coffee station supplies, service spoons, etc.

Monochromatic look

Monochromatic colour scheme is always a safe bet. This gives a more appealing look to your kitchen shelves. You can go for a set of white dishes mixed with clear glassware. Add textures and warm colours which you can find in wooden utensils, cutting boards, and woven baskets easily.

Pick a Theme

You can pick a theme for your open kitchen shelving based on different styles like flowers, polka, wooden, antique and so on. To give it more colourful look buys different colours kitchen ware and display on the shelves.

Shelving plays an important role when it comes to kitchen furniture. Hence these amazing kitchen shelving tips will give your kitchen a unique look without even spending huge money.

6 easy tips to choose a perfect dining table

“A dining table is the heart of every home”

The fondest memories are gathered around the dinner table but it can be an irresistible affair if you do not know what exactly you’re looking for. The options are simply endless when you step into the furniture store. This is so because the modern homes are all about a wonderful amalgamation of different styles, trends, textures, and shapes.

But, you do not need to worry much here as we have some tremendous ideas for you to have a glance while choosing a perfect dining table for your sweet home.

Room Size

The very first thing that you should consider while going to buy a dining table to your dining room is its size. There are ample of designs available in dining tables with different sizes. So, you need to select the right size of the dining table that suits to the space. Make sure that it neither gives over stuffed look nor does it gives emptiness to your dining room. It must be a perfect fit that makes your dining room stylish.


Next thing you should see is the kind dining table’s material that suits to your dining room. Suppose, if you have all the wooden furniture in your living room and kitchen, then go for wooden dining table and if you have all the iron furniture then look for an iron dining table. Selection of material also depends upon the usage of dining table if you have kids in your home then never go for a dining table made up of glass; same if there is excess moisture in your house then prefer iron instead of wood.

Family members

While selecting a dining table consider the number of family members you have in your family. There is no point to over stuff your dining room with six-seated dining table if you have a family of four. On the other side, four-seated dining table is of no use if you have six members in your family. So, pick up a dining table, which exactly suit the number of family members.


See the different styles in the dining room furniture showroom but never get so much fascinated with the designer styles. Buy a dining table, which matches to the room size. If, you have a big dining hall go for rectangle shape dining table; but, if you have a small one then opt for a square shape. If, it is a medium room then you can also consider round dining table. So choose the style, which serves your purpose the most.


Make sure that you never over burden your wallet while buying a dining table. There are plenty of designs and variety available in the stores you can pick it as per your budget. You can even customize it as per your requirement, family members, a size of the room and interior of the room.

So, pick up a dining table according to these tips and make it full of laughter, food, and memories rather than just a speechless expensive decorative room furnishing.

Why Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom is an Important Step

An important step towards contributing to the overall growth and development of your child is to decorate their bedrooms. A child’s room is their safe haven and their own personal space in the entire house. It is a place where they are most comfortable and find solace throughout their childhood, and when they reach their teenage years, it becomes their sanctuary. A well decorated room can positively impact your child’s mood, which is why choosing colours that lighten the interior space are bound to make them feel happy. A well decorated bedroom plays an important role in creating the perfect environment for your child to be creative and explore his/her strength and weaknesses.

All the aspects of a bedroom such as the lighting, space, colour and furnishing etc. play a significant role in creating an environment that is calm and conducive for children to explore and discover their identity to find who they really are.

Colour of the room

Color scheme pads

The colour of a room has an inherent connection with the mood of a person. Certain colours are linked with having positive or negative feelings. For example, the colour red has been associated with warmth, zeal and optimism, but when used in a child’s room it tends to have an overpowering affect and hence will not inculcate a calm and restful atmosphere.

Certain tones of pink are known to be quite restful but be mindful of hot pinks in your child’s bedroom as this is likely to have an undertone of energy and fun, which is likely to affect younger children and have an adverse reaction and hamper their bedtime.

On the other hand, lilac is linked with spiritualism and is known to be a victorious choice for the bedroom, offering an environment that is free from stress for your child.


There are several tips and tactics for decorating your child’s bedroom successfully, but perhaps the best one is to think of how flexible the space can be. If you consider a storage room; if their possessions can be stored away easily this will pave the way for a neat and tidy environment, which in turn will result in your child being happy. A cluttered room is known to have a cluttered state of mind and can hinder your child’s creativity and affect their study time in case they are unable to find things that they really need. Thus, to have a clear mind, you will need to eliminate all the chaotic elements which will not only inculcate tidiness in your child from a very young age, but will also give them the room (both in their mind and personal space) for creativity and education. If the set up of your child’s bedroom offers all these things, it is will make them feel more positive and secure about themselves as well as the world around them.

Let your child decide

Childrens Bunk Bed

When your child has the ownership of their bedroom, you can let them share their input to pick and choose what they want on their walls. While this may come across as trivial initially, it gives them ‘control’ over their bedroom and also the ability to decide for themselves along the way giving them a valuable lesson on how to exert this control and harness it and to what extent. This will also give your child a higher sense of self-esteem which is very valuable in their formative years.

In order to inculcate responsibility in your child which extends to their creativity and academics collectively, decorating their room in a certain way is important for your child’s bright future. Make sure that your children take care of their bedrooms, keep it clean and tidy at all times and they will carry forward this habit throughout.

By creating a peaceful and comfortable space for your child, taking into consideration the right choice of colours that will enhance positive vibes; furniture that offers flexibility, you will be able to provide them with a sleep zone and a sanctuary all compiled within the four walls of their bedroom. Your child’s bedroom is their special space and you should keep that in mind while designing it.