6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

From a kitchen’s diary: Meals and memories are made here….

A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter and a heap of love, all these make a delicious recipe for your kitchen. A kitchen is one place in your house that actually induces your family members to sit and eat meals together. Also, if your kitchen is entangled with some new stylish shelves then it can add more stars and the moon in your fun of cooking.

So, in order to add some glamour to your boring kitchen, we have some styling suggestions, which you can experiment with the shelves. Have a look!

6 styling tips for kitchen shelves

Open shelving

Open shelving is a hot trend in the kitchen these days. They allow easy access to everyday items and appliances. Removal of these bulky kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. In this, you can even display your antique crockery as well. You can either use the old shelves of the cabinets or you can change them or paint them to give a new look.

Shelf Riser

Next tip to change the look of your kitchen shelves is to add shelf riser. There are various kinds of shelf risers available in the market that you can choose according to the height of the shelves. You can add one or two shelf risers to increase the storage space if space allows it. These different types of shelf risers not only add surface area but also allow you to grab what you want without moving the other stacks.

Plate Rack

You can add a beautiful plate rack as well, to give your kitchen a new look. This rack will help you to keep your crockery organised and display it in an eye catching manner. Plate racks are good for storage of serving platters and even for displaying your favourite cookbooks. Choose a plate rack according to the interior and paints of your kitchen so that it won’t look like a chalk and a cheese.

Add hooks

When trying to opt for open shelving in your kitchen then don’t forget to under-utilised space on the bottom of a shelf. You can add various kinds of hooks or can go for under shelf basket. These hooks are very convenient to hang coffee mugs, linens or coffee station supplies, service spoons, etc.

Monochromatic look

Monochromatic colour scheme is always a safe bet. This gives a more appealing look to your kitchen shelves. You can go for a set of white dishes mixed with clear glassware. Add textures and warm colours which you can find in wooden utensils, cutting boards, and woven baskets easily.

Pick a Theme

You can pick a theme for your open kitchen shelving based on different styles like flowers, polka, wooden, antique and so on. To give it more colourful look buys different colours kitchen ware and display on the shelves.

Shelving plays an important role when it comes to kitchen furniture. Hence these amazing kitchen shelving tips will give your kitchen a unique look without even spending huge money.

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