6 back to school classroom ideas that will knock every students’ Socks off

A classroom is a place where we have a second chance; we apologise, we forgive, we never give up and keep our promises, we laugh and we fight. No matter whatever happens, in a classroom, children are always a family. Days spent in the classroom while dreaming to become a doctor or a teacher are still unforgettable. Those exciting colourful doors, walls, shelves for hours are now the beautiful memories.

Teachers all over the country gear up before the re-opening of the school in every season to bring something new and enchanting decorative items for the classroom. A well- decorated classroom is always a fun for the students and stimulates them to think and learn better. So, if you are looking for some crazy yet learning decorative ideas for a classroom then read this article.

Here we have 6 back- to- school classroom ideas that will knock every students’ Socks off

Decorative Doors

The very first thing that you can do is to make the entrance of the classroom appealing. You can paint the door or can use some decorative items like sketches, ribbons, balloons and write a message on it to let the kids know how special they are. You can jot down inspirational quotes and slogans as well that induce every student to read at least once in a day. In the same way you can decorate cabinets as well.

Bulletin Boards

You can buy a simple ply board and decorate it with some interesting stuff or make it a theme based, add some flowers, butterflies, books or make it like a news channel. This snazzy bulletin always attracts students to glance it and prepared any news or articles or pictures for it. These bulletin boards can easily hang upon but up to the reach of your students.

Make a Facebook /Instagram wall

These days even young kids are aware of Facebook or Instagram. Though we do not allow them to use phones extensively, it will be pleasantly surprised to see a Facebook or Instagram wall in their classroom. You can ask them to put pictures weekly on that. It can be a fun activity for students and they can enjoy staring it while sitting in a classroom.

Lighting craft

Think about some famous cartoon characters. Then you can draw their faces over the chart paper and fill them with different colours. Once you ready with the face then fit them over lights and hang them on the ceilings. This gives a joy to the students to see their favourite cartoon characters flying and throwing some light all over the classroom.

Pretty Shelves

Give an entirely new look to those boring wooden shelving. You can paint them with some bright colours according to the paint of the walls of the classroom. Paint different cartoon characters or famous personalities on the cover of the shelves, so students always feel motivated after glancing them and keep their names in their mind.

Such creative and stimulating environment of the classroom will be helpful for both student and teacher to work together for their bright future.

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