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The Home and Office Stores offers beds for adults and children alike. The quality of children's beds is excellent; they are scaled-down versions of the adult sizes and many made in the UK from durable materials. Beds are built to last. Adult beds come in a variety of sizes from single to super king. They are made of MDF or quality solid wood such as pine, oak, rubber wood and some are available in lacquer finishes for a more natural look. Colours for adult beds vary and include natural stains, white, cream plus many more.

Children's beds are constructed of a variety of popular materials, and some are offered in natural lacquer, painted, or even fabric covered finishes. The accessories available for adult and children's furniture mean that a complete set for the adults may be purchased at the same time as one for the children, cutting down shopping woes and ensuring a match that is suitable for all. Entire furniture suites can be matched in one go, or pieces bought separately to make a finished set.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
Flair Furnishings Flick Triple Bunk Bed White
£769.99 Save: 48%Now :   £399.00
Flair Furnishings Wizard L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed
£599.99 Save: 35%Now :   £389.00
Flintshire Furniture Frankie White Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage
£499.00 Save: 20%Now :   £398.99
Flintshire Furniture Whitford Side Ottoman Plush Velvet Grey Bed
£499.00 Save: 16%Now :   £419.00
Hit 10 High Sleeper Bed with Long Desk
£579.00 Save: 31%Now :   £399.00
Kids Avenue Bibop 2 white bunk bed with shelves
£999.00 Save: 30%Now :   £699.00
Kids Avenue Tam Tam 3 white bunk bed with loft grey panels
£569.00 Save: 30%Now :   £399.00
Kids Avenue Urban Highsleeper Bed 1
£999.00 Save: 30%Now :   £699.00
Kids Avenue Urban Highsleeper Bed Build Your Own
£509.00 Save: 30%Now :   £355.00
Kids Avenue Urban Midsleeper Bed Build Your Own
£409.00 Save: 30%Now :   £285.00
Parisot Double VIP black bunk bed with reversible panels
£669.00 Save: 30%Now :   £469.00
Parisot Stim bunk bed with 2 door wardrobe
£869.00 Save: 31%Now :   £599.00